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January 12, 2021

Adobe has ended the ability to run Flash Player on our computers. Therefor this website has removed the ability to buy our screensavers because they’re based on the Flash Player. If we find the courage and time to re-compile them on another platform, you will be notified. Until then, take care and thank you all for the support!

ScreenClockSaver Team

Welcome to Screen Clock Saver online store!

ScreenClockSaver is a project website by Ax-Easy. We design and develop clock screensavers based on Adobe Flash ® technology for Mac & PC platforms. Supports Windows XP up to Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.6 up to Mac OS High Sierra

Since November 9, 2014 the store is open! All that is left, is to fill up our inventory with new products! Stay tuned.

Our Goal

This website has one and only goal.
To bring great looking screen savers to Mac and PC platforms.
We will try hard to bring the best 2020 screensavers out there!

Stay tuned and see our inventory 🙂

The right place for PC and Mac Screensavers

  1. You love well designed clocks?
  2. Sometimes you leave your computer to do a job while screensaver start running?

Why not take advantage of it and have an extra clock on your computer screen?

Screen Clock Saver – dont loose time anymore

Custom Screensaver Service

Screen Clock Saver is accepting orders for Custom Screensavers creations by companies and websites to promote their products and businesses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

Who? Why? What?
...a few words

We’re happy to announce our new website
Screen Clock Saver

A new online store by Ax-Easy that offers pixel-perfect Screensavers for both platforms, PC and Mac. All Screensavers support screen resolutions up to 4K, 5K or even 8K!.

At the moment there are sixteen Screen Clock Savers available on inventory, tested and bug free in  PC&Mac versions, their names are C1 – Luna ®, C2 – Flip ®, C3 – Gear ®, C4 – Slick ®, C4 – Slick Moon ®, C5 – Flock ®, C6 – Digs ®, C7 – Mecha ®, C8 – Words ®, C9 – Rotor ®, C10 – Selene ®, C11 – Reflip ®, C12 – Nixie ®, C14 – Tough, ® C15 – After ®, C16 – Chronic ®.

All Screen savers offers current time, some day and month as well as current Moon (Luna) phase, this is the pattern of their product names.